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Founded and operated in Oakland, CA, Kinfoak provides apparel and accessories inspired by the passions that unite California’s Bay Area. Our products range from graphic tees and outerwear to head wear and artwork, and aim to strengthen the community’s sense of pride and awareness by reflecting it’s culture and core values.

Through positive images and graphics rooted in its experience, Kinfoak apparel gives the Bay Area community a voice. Whether it be day-to-day or historical context, our product provides our consumer with a sense of belonging as well as the confidence to communicate their beliefs. The undying spirit of “The Town” has had a lasting impact on popular culture, from activism to art, music, politics and sport. Kinfoak uses that spirit to inspire those to outperform their own expectations and the expectations of others. The brand is a constant reminder to Seize The Bay.

Quality design and craftsmanship brought to this market at a competitive price makes Kinfoak an agent of enhancement in the local apparel industry. Attention to detail, comfort, fit and material all work to enrich the story of being affiliated to The Bay. Designed and created in collaboration with local businesses, consumers can also be sure their purchase is a vote to support their own community.

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Kinfoak was founded in 2018 by Duane Lawrence. With 15 years of design experience in the footwear industry, he saw an opportunity to apply his learnings, particularly of clever storytelling, to a market that is already influential. The name’s appeal, a portmanteau of kinfolk and Oakland, stems from the warm welcome he received upon arrival to ‘Oaktown’.